Police issue Thanksgiving ‘warning’

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

Provincial police have released some alarming statistics about deaths on Ontario roadways.

They say, between 2011 and 2015, on Ontario provincial roads, 1,507 people died.

Alcohol and/or drugs were determined to be a factor in 321 of the deaths. Speeding was a factor in 336 of the deaths.  Inattentive driving was a factor in 408 of the deaths, and failure to wear a seat belt was a factor in 335.

Operation Impact is an annual traffic safety initiative during which Canadian police partners target the four main behaviours that continue to cost the significant loss of life on roads every year. These are road deaths in which alcohol/drugs, speed, inattentive driving and lack of seat belt use are factors.

“Tragically, most of these fatalities are directly linked to poor behaviours on the road and these are the ones that are preventable,” says the OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair. “Road safety is a collective effort. We need to see a complete shift in attitude on the part of drivers who do not take these risky behaviours seriously. Passengers also have a role to play by buckling up every single time and dissuading drivers who engage in these dangerous behaviours and jeopardize their safety”.



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