Kawartha Food Share hopes to restock its shelves with Cram-A-Cruiser event

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Kawartha Food Share hopes to restock its shelves with Cram-A-Cruiser event

Thanksgiving is the unofficial start to the holiday season.
And Kawartha Food Share is ramping up its collection with its Cram-A-Cruiser event.
Mark Giunta reports.

One by one, shoppers are coming out of Sobey’s with paper bag in-hand.
Its contents… food for those who in need.

It’s the Cram-A-Cruiser event at Sobey’s and Foodland in Peterborough… a joint initiative by¬†Kawartha Food Share, Peterborough Police and Corus Feeds Kids.
The goal… to collect 20-thousand pounds of food.
That’s 2000-pounds more than last year.

Ashlee Aitken, General manager of Kawartha Food Share:
“We have prepackaged food inside. We have 10 dollar and 20 dollar bags. They’re full of our staple items we need like tuna, soup and peanut butter and we cram it all in this cruiser, bring back, weigh it and do it again tomorrow.”

In addition to food, Kawartha Food Share is also accepting cash as well.
Every dollar goes to buying food.

Constable Grant Eastwood, Peterborough Police Service:
“Every one dollar gets six dollars buying power. So it’s like you’re donating six dollars because Kraft gives them a deal to purchase more food at a 6-to-1 buying rate.”

It’s been a tough year for Kawartha Food Share.
Donations are down.
And this leads to the food bank trimming some of its warehouse space.
still it helps nearly 9000 people a month.

“The cost of food has gone up, our client numbers have gone up. It’s been a perfect storm of decline. We did have to close a bit of our warehouse. We’re hoping to get our shelves stocked up for the holiday season.”

Cram-A-Cruiser continues on Friday at Sobeys and Foodland locations in Peterborough as well as Foodland in Lakefield.

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