$14-M overhaul planned for Trent University’s Bata Library

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
$14-M overhaul planned for Trent University's Bata Library

It’s a significant funding boost which will transform a section of Trent University’s Bata Library into a research and innovation cluster.
The federal and provincial government are kicking in $8-million towards the project.
Mark Giunta reports.

Robert Clarke has been the librarian at Trent University for the last decade…
He says he’s been thinking about the future of Bata Library since day 1…
So, an announcement to convert two floors of the library into the Bata Research and Innovation Cluster, was the culmination of a 10-year long dream for Clarke…

“The library has to develop with the times. And the times now are a balance of digital and print collections.”

The transformation for the iconic Bata Library will cost around 14-million dollars.
Half of that will be kicked in by the Federal Government.

Maryam Monsef – Peterborough-Kawartha MP:
“I’m really glad we’re going to continue to invest in a space like this that makes really great things happen.”

The province is throwing in a million dollars for the project.
The rest will come from University contributions and a fundraising campaign.

Leo Groarke – president, Trent University:
“We see the library and the development of the research capabilities of the library as a key component of developing the economics of Peterborough.”

The new Bata Research and Innovation Cluster will feature interactive student spaces…
It’s being touted as a “nexus of knowledge” that will enhance student entrepreneurship.

Tara Flynn – completing masters in educational studies:
“I’m hoping there is a lab here, possibly a visualization lab so we can bring in teachers and students to do some really innovative work.”

The transformation of the library is expected to take place over the next two years.

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