YMCA trainers talk new year’s resolutions at the gym

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
YMCA trainers talk new year's resolutions at the gym

It’s easy to make a new years resolution, but is it easy to see it through?
Lindsay Biscaia was at the YMCA this morning to find out the secret to making your resolutions stick.

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It’s that time of year again; when people are making New Year’s resolutions – and either sticking to them, or breaking them.
But the truth is there is no secret when it comes to sticking to your goals.
Master trainer, Chris Leney, says it’s all about hard work.
And she says determination is always at it’s peak after New Year’s.
Master trainer, Chris Leney:
“Always an influx of new members of course, just trying something new out, new years resolutions. But we also have a lot of our current members who are recommitting to old goals, or making new goals to start the new year.”
Stand up:
“But all the activity you see behind me right here is actually relatively quiet for this time of year. Personal trainer, Nate O’Keefe, at the YMCA in Peterborough, says he always sees an influx of people coming in at the beginning of January, all ready to accomplish their New Year’s resolutions.”
“Huge influx of new people, a lot of new faces starting at 5 am in the morning.”
O’Keefe says he tries to introduce exercises which will keep new -comers engaged.. starting with a sumo squat..
“SO our weights always going to be in our heels. And what I want to see is for you to drop your hips back, ok? So we’re not going to go forward, I want you to drop your hips back nice and tall, don’t ever touch the dumbbell to the floor, and then we’re gonna pop up with your weights in your heels.”
O’Keefe’s theory is the more interesting the workout, the longer people might stick to their goals.
“So this is kind of an affective way to get 30 minutes in the gym, get in and out, but you also have a good workout.”
“So maybe we’ll go week by week, and say this week we’ve committed to 3 times at the gym, we’ve committed to 4 healthy lunches, we’ve committed to walking up the stairs 5 times at work.”
And Leney says while bigger goals are important – it’s crucial to celebrate those little progressions along the way.

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