Iconic Pig’s Ear Tavern shutting its doors

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Iconic Pig's Ear Tavern shutting its doors

After just over 40 years in business, the Pig’s Ear Tavern is shutting its doors on April 22.
“Obviously people sent in their congratulations that we’re retiring, but sad at the same time, that it’s the end of an era, which it will be,” co-owner John Punter said.
Pubs have operated in the space on Brock Street since 1865, making it Peterborough’s oldest watering hole.
In 1975 it became the Pig’s Ear Tavern and established a reputation for cheap beer, and a lot of it…
And the bar has no plans to shake that reputation as it gets ready to close.
Puntar: “It’s going to be a week of partying, if not weeks of partying, so we’ll keep people posted as to what events are happening when.”
CHEX News has learned developer Parkview Homes is the new owner. But there’s no word on what’s going to happen to the building…
The DBIA’s Terry Guiel says it’s sad to see an iconic business close.
“But on the other side, opportunity. Repurposing of an old building. If any of the plans of the future of the building include repurposing that building and adding some apartments and condos, that’s good because we need some people living downtown,” Guiel said.
With it’s central location, lengthy history and wallet-friendly beer list, the Piggy has no shortage of patrons who may swing by for one more tray before April 22.
“It’s one of the best bars in town. The trivia night is particularly good, and the karaoke night is fantastic,” one person said.
“I’m really sad because they have great karoake, really nice,” another said.
“I only went there once, but it was a really positive environment, I never went to a bar like that,” one woman said.
“I’m going to swing down there and get one last tray before the place closes,” Guiel said.
As for the owners, they’re just looking forward to retirement.
“And we have obviously some great memories of being here, at the piggy, but at the same time, it’s time to retire and get away from winter,” Punter said.

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