One Night in Brazil to celebrate cultural diversity

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

Get ready to do the samba and celebrate cultural diversity during the New Canadians centre’s fifth annual gala.

At the venue this morning organizers announced details of ‘One Night in Brazil.’
The March 4th event will feature traditional Brazilian cuisine along with 12-piece band Samba Toronto.

It will be co-hosted by Dr. Andressa Lacerda, executive VP and co-founder of Noblegen and Marcelo Konig Sarkis, founder of Prima IP, a patent agency.

“As a newcomer, I know moving to a new city can be very challenging,” stated Dr. Lacerda. “Community integration is so important for newcomers. When I moved to Peterborough, I felt welcomed and supported. It made a huge difference in my life.”

“Many Canadians supported our family when we arrived as immigrants to Canada in the late 60s,” added Sarkis.“We were welcomed with open arms.”

NCC board chairman Rob Howard says each year a different country is selected to provide a cultural experience and there are many Brazilian connections in Peterborough:

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