Cleanup in Trent Lakes and Kawarthas in wake of storm

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV
Cleanup in Trent Lakes and Kawarthas in wake of storm

Cleanup continued Friday after Thursday evening’s thunderstorm in the region. While Peterborough avoided the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath, the same can’t be said in Trent Lakes and the Kawarthas.
Greg Davis has more:

Marie Windover is heartbroken after Thursday’s storm damaged a massive maple tree next to her Rockcroft

Windover: All of a sudden the wind got strong. We got a few rain drops and we heard the crash and about one-third of the maple tree was torn off by the wind.

The storm ripped through the Kawarthas and Trent Lakes as high winds brought down power lines and trees.

For Windover, the maple holds historical significance since her home and property along county Road 507 hosts Rockcroft’s original post office and school which opened in the early 1900s.

Windover: I actually have an old photograph of Hugh Irwin when he was barnboy standing by this tree when it was just a wee thing, it’s got some good age to it.

Teresa: And the van is rocking back and forth

County 507 from Flynn’s Corner to Gooderham was closed most of Friday afternoon as Hydro One crews repaired damaged utility poles where more than 1,000 customers lost power.
No injuries were reported.

Eric: We are going to our cottage on Esson Lake – I guess we aren’t going this way…we got to go that way!

Meanwhile Windover says she’s lucky the maple didn’t fall on her house. Now bfr-sequence-03-00_01_25_17-still004egins the tedious cleanup.


Windover: It would be interesting to see how old the tree actually is. Now that it has this damage done to it maybe someone can come in and do a count of the rings or something because i don’t think its going to survive.

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